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Cranial Nerves: Function and Dysfunction book

Cranial Nerves: Function and Dysfunction book

Cranial Nerves: Function and Dysfunction. Linda Wilson-Pauwels

Cranial Nerves: Function and Dysfunction

ISBN: 9781607950318 | 252 pages | 7 Mb

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Cranial Nerves: Function and Dysfunction Linda Wilson-Pauwels
Publisher: PMPH-USA, Limited

An introductory chapter provides a brief overview of cranial nerve anatomy and function, skull base anatomy, classification of pathologies, and imaging approaches. Jun 27, 2012 - Vagus nerve diseases are tested for using the similar measures as diseases of the 9th cranial nerve as well. Both of these nerves have an effect on the vocal chords, swallowing function and the gag reflex. Jul 10, 2012 - The cranial nerves also carry dural sleeves with them for some distance; therefore any abnormal meningeal tension may be transmitted to a nerve and affect its function. Jun 15, 2008 - A variety of clinical syndromes have been related due to pulsatile compression by the aberrant vessel: cerebellar dysfunction, hydrocephalus, ischemic stroke, transient or permanent motor deficits, central sleep apnea, trigeminal neuralgia, . Dysfunction of the facial nerve(s) can present as the sudden inability to blink or move the lips and ear on the side of nerve failure (facial nerve dysfunction). The authors then describe common lesions and present a series of cases that are complemented by CT images and MRIs to illustrate disease entities that result in cranial nerve dysfunction. This is a preprogrammed, likely genetic, failure of nerve function. Dec 20, 2012 - Cranial, or head, nerve disorders can involve any of the nerves of the head and face. The various functions of each nerve and normal anatomy. And differential diagnosis of cranial nerve dysfunction. The VBD anomaly can cause two kinds of symptoms: those resulting from the compression of structures adjacent to the aberrant vessel, such as the brainstem and cranial nerves roots compression and those resulting of ischemic events1,9. Tension anywhere The neuropathies that may result from cranial bone dysfunction are postulated to be motor and/or sensory, and their severity depends on the amount of compression and neural irritation as well as the amount of ischemic radiculopathy. The facial nerves are the most frequent nerves to be affected. This may affect one or both sides of the face, at the nerve dysfunction.

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